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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

IGOS DwiWarna 1.0

IGOS DwiWarna is a distro for Indonesia for the diverse needs of users. Distro Linux operating system is equipped with a variety of packages or applications. IGOS DwiWarna can also be called by the name of dichromatic distributions. IGOS DwiWarna abbreviated as IDW.
IDW early version numbering using version 1.0 (V1.0) based on Fedora 8 (F8). IDW early version consisted of three CDs and two DVDs (a total of five media CD / DVD). IDW V1.0 consists of versions of the installer and livecd. Installer and livecd variant consists of:

IGOS DwiWarna Desktop 1.0 (CD installer)
Features :
  • Kernel
  • OpenOffice 2.3
  • Firefox
  • GNOME 2.2 Desktop Manager
  • GIMP 2.4.2 graphics editor
  • Pidgin 3.2
  • Multimedia Player (Audio and Video), built-in MP3 player
Download Here : ftp://kambing.ui.edu/dwiwarna/iso/v10/DwiWarna_V10-Desktop.iso
2. IGOS DwiWarna 1.0 Server (CD installer)

Inkscape, Vector Graphics Application Try a free Worthy

Circulation of a large flow of graphic applications, whether original or pirated copy does not inhibit the steps developers to create graphical applications based on open source. In fact, the development of applications based on open source tend to be fast and ready to serve toughness established applications such as Adobe or Microsoft's future.
One of the few evidence-based application that successful open source applications exist amid an established hegemony is Inkscape. Inkscape is a graphics application capable of editing images in the form of vector graphics. Ability was the same as those owned by the application of an established range or Corel Draw Adobe Illustrator.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Adding GRUB 2 Background at Ubuntu

This is the case that I experienced when it wanted to beautify the Boot Options menu display, in linux is called GRUB. At 9:04 and above already using linux GRUB 2. Here, I'll give announcing how to add background on GRUB2. OK Let's get started ... : D

Open a terminal and run the command:
sudo aptitude install-splashimages grub2
After installation is complete open the folder filesystem> usr-> share-> images-> grub. You will see examples of these images. Select one and then copy the image file name (without extension .tga)

Restoring Grub2 After Installing Windows

Easy installation sequence for installing 2 operating system between Windows and Linux is to install Windows first and Linux because Linux is the next in charge of installing the Multi Boot Menu in the MBR (Master Boot Record). Discussion on Windows and Linux installations I will not explain here since a lot of tutorials in a virtual world that already explained about it. What I want to discuss is what if there is damage to the windows and forcing us to reinstall our windows. Will have to reinstall Linux as well? Hohoho there is no problem that there is no way out: D This is the case of my own experience. Previously there were two operating systems that I use is Windows XP and Ubuntu 10:04.


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